Anna Blatman

It may have been the spectacular paring of mid sixties’ Marvellous Melbourne combined with my parents’ unique genetic blend, which brought to life a dynamic instinct in me to project paintings from my inner gallery into the world at large.

Being in my garden inspires me. Different shades and textures of the plants – and the light playing on them. This translates directly in the textural nature of my paintings – with layering of tone on tone and the use of many pigments to achieve the finished effect.

Texture and layering is very important when works are to be hung in a domestic setting – my works invite people to look at them in a variety of ways: a few steps back will reveal the over all effect of the design, while close up it is possible to see the layers of pigments, glaze, and brush or knife strokes. They are very tactile pieces.

Of course it is possible to visit the gallery and purchase finished pieces ‘off the walls’. Many clients however, prefer me to visit their home to see the colour schemes and lighting already there so that their finished work enhances the room without dominating it. Once we have agreed the subject matter and the media to be used (oils or acrylics) I have canvasses made to the exact specifications of each client’s requirements.

“I’m always trying to get inspiration and I believe most of my inspiration comes from my garden, full of vivid flowers and textures ”

“May your life be full of colour”