Vicki Bell

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As an award winning portrait photographer, Vicki Bell is honoured to document people’s lives through her vision and through her lens. Vicki’s passion lies in immortalising the transient moments that people share. Her work soulfully captures the essence of her subjects and the woven relationships between families and friends. Her photographs are a celebration of love and life.

Vicki Bell Photography has been established since 1990. With a Bachelor Degree in Education (Art and Craft), Vicki began her journey with a dual passion in Portrait Photography and Fine Art Photography. The visual possibilities brought about by the digital age opened the creative door for Vicki.

In 2007 Vicki entered her first national Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) and achieved her first Gold Award. Vicki has since been rewarded with many accolades, locally and internationally, including the 2011 Victorian Fine Art Photographer of the Year Award, and the 2010 Victorian Portrait Photographer of the year.

Vicki Bell is a leading portrait and fine art photographer with a philosophy that creates sensitive, soulful portraits that are exceptional from camera to print to presentation.

“I am an artist in my heart and soul, in the way I see, think and feel. Photography is my vehicle and my craft, and it enables my imagery to present itself. The journey from concept to print has to be exceptional all the way, and the paper I use is the platform, or stage, on which my imagery exists – for all time and beyond my time.


2012 AIPP Victoria’s Highest Scoring Print Award
2011 AIPP Victorian Fine Art  Photographer of the Year
2011 WPPI Second place winner Children’s Portrait Category
2010 AIPP Victorian Portrait Photographer of the
2010 WPPI First place winner Glamour Portrait
2010 WPPI Third place winner Group Portrait Category
2010 WPPI Second & Third place winner Individual Portrait
2009 International Aperture Awards First Place Winner Portrait