Carolyn Sroczynski

Carolyn Sroczynski is a Melbourne based artist with 20 years experience with acrylic paintings in contemporary art. Born and raised in the East Gippsland region of Victoria, Carolyn has received recognition for her artwork in Fine Art and graphic design, and has entered selected pieces in several art exhibitions for Fine Art. Some pieces have been displayed at businesses such as commercial offices, hotels, café’s and medical centres around Victoria. She also has pieces available for viewing and purchase from The Pantechnicon Art Gallery, Beechworth Fine Gallery and Glendinning House Gallery.

These displays have allowed her work to be appreciated by members of the general public and private collectors. Her style has a unique edge and appeals to a wide audience. Her art says volumes about her life to date and reflects an individual perspective that is diverse and rare in today’s modern artistic styles.

Carolyn offers private consultations for viewing and purchasing art work and is also an independent liaison with Melbourne Home Details for rental of artwork for home presentation, functions and temporary display.

Carolyn’s Website,, is an online gallery of modern contemporary artworks and has been established to provide greater access and appreciation to Carolyn’s artwork.