Jenny Pemberton-Webb

Artist Jenny Pemberton-Webb’s practice spans printmaking, painting, collage and bronze casting.

Her current body of work explores images commonly encountered on any city street or highway. They are the road signs and directional devices that we absorb subliminally as we go about our daily activities. Jenny is drawn to them due to their graphic quality and bold colours. “The yellow in particular jumps out at me as it also seems to say something about the Australian climate and our dry landscape.”

At first glance her paintings are characteristically contemporary and colourful. Take a closer look and you begin to see the layers and careful mark making built up over newspaper which forms the canvas for many of her works.

Jenny is interest in the changed response we have to these symbols and images once they enter domestic spaces. Here the words become metaphors for life, such as the need to ‘slow down’. Others such as ‘Ahead’ offer the promise of tomorrow and act as a prompt to focus on what’s possible in the future.