Marja-Leena Montonen

“I consider myself a painter and have been one all my life. I drew my first person at 9 months of age and have never lost the desire to create images. I love colour and I love to create movement with it. Growing up in the forests of Scandinavia allowed my imagination to blossom to the point that I am most creative and inspired in the silence. Its there that the images come out through me. Its as though they are alive and place many demands on me during their “recreation” on to canvas.

I have shown my art in London, New York, Athens, Copenhagen, Sweden. I am constantly creating images used for card and stationary companies around the world including Hallmark & UNICEF.

We live on a globe that is quite amazing. I want people to understand that we need to play more for that little time we are on this planet. I want my images to inspire people to have the courage and maturity to be more playful.”