Jackie Case

Jackie Case is a young Australian artist – based in Melbourne – who specializes in very detailed, often quirky and always intriguing small-scale pencil-drawings.

Case trained as a graphic designer in Melbourne before embarking on an artistic career. In her work she has created a highly-personal world of superhero budgerigars, contemplative elephants, knowing children and fragile trees. Case’s line is extraordinarily delicate yet precise, made with what she describes as ‘a good quality strong black pencil’ and a very assured hand.

‘Everything inspires me,’ she confesses. ‘I often get asked, how do you come up with so many different ideas? And I don’t know. I just open my mind and see what sticks. I don’t stress about it, there is always something going on if you look closely enough. It’s also nice to just sit in front of a blank piece of paper. These are some of my best drawings. I just see where it takes me.’