Juet emerged in the summer of 2007/8 when our two families shared a lazy summer break in the Victorian high plains. We were both looking for something inspiring and exciting to do with our lives and so the juet philosophy was born.

Our philosophy
We believe in working creatively together. We will use discarded objects and recylced materials
We will express ourselves honestly and openly.
We will share this with others.

The process
We work intuitively, choosing materials and objects with no set plan, trusting our eye. The work tends to emerge from the junk rather than the other way around. Once the idea is found we then become engineers and carpenters finding ways to put all the pieces together. No sculpture seems to use the same techniques and tools and we are constantly inventing new ways to shape and mould material into form. Sometimes the process alters our ideas in which case we just go with it so that the fun and spontaneity is maintained. We love it because it’s unforced. Sculpting for us is never work.

When the construction is finished we stand back and see what the sculpture says to us and let it draw out feelings and thoughts that we carry. From these the poems are written, each composed solely for the sculpture but each drawn out from our own experiences. Sometimes this can takes minutes, sometimes days or weeks. But we have learnt to be patient, confident that eventually the words will come.

And finally

We love the thought of our sculptures sitting in your gardens and courtyards and that our ideas have touched you in some way. And by doing so, we have been able to share our lives, simple though they are, with you.

May our art be with you.