Michelle Mischkulnig

I am passionate about my art. I love the colour and texture which surround us, influence us and breathe joy and life into our daily existence.

I love to gather fabrics and threads, hand paint my silks, spontaneously combine colour and add texture with stitches to create an image from my life. I am inspired by the joy of life’s experiences and this is reflected in my art.

My work has been collected by private individuals, public institutions and internationally. Each piece reflects a personal experience. I have been told that my art has brought great joy to those who have acquired it.

In the last 17 years I have had 14 solo exhibitions in Victoria and participated in many others. I have been awarded various prizes from art shows including Best Other Medium and People’s Choice Award. I have run workshops at the Australian Quilters Symposium and been an artist in residence at two schools.

I exhibit in a number galleries in Victoria and have had my work sent throughout Australia and to many destinations world wide.


The majority of my art pieces are made up of my own hand painted silks. The process of hand painting silk is a skill I learnt in my tertiary studies. I often use large panels of hand painted silk and build up the image in layers, adding a variety of textures to give depth. Some of my art is constructed by tearing silk I have painted into strips, building up from a blank canvas: I use textures and colours to portray an image from my life.

I love to collect fabrics, wools, chords, ribbons and found objects. Then stitch, sew, gather, paint and collage these together. I love to use silk for its vibrancy of colour, its qualities of drape and the way it reflects light.

All these are the ingredients that make each of my embroideries individual and unique pieces of art to love and own.