Ruby Pilven

Ruby Pilven is a Ballarat/Melbourne-based jeweller and ceramic artist who has been making contemporary handmade pieces for the past 5 years. Having studied a double degree in Business and Printmaking at Monash University, and taught ceramics by her parents, Janine and Peter Pilven, Ruby’s artistic skill and knowledge shines through her work.

Using only the purest porcelain clay, Ruby decorates her works with bold intricate patterns and gold lustre highlights. Her jewellery collection consists of Brooches, Rings, Studs and a variety of Necklaces. Her works are not only fashionable and innovative but also comfortable to wear.

Her recent works range from beautifully decorated jewellery to contemporary functional pieces. Ruby’s works aspire to inject joy into the everyday through its simplicity and beauty.

“I am a ceramic jeweller who creates intricate colourful porcelain jewellery pieces. I like to experiment with different techniques and styles and are therefore always developing my designs.”