I create artwork using techniques and principles of traditional Chinese ink painting and explore the endless possibilities and new variations these provide. I constantly try new approaches in the techniques in my painting but still keeping the traditional appreciation of the Chinese painting: the beauty of brush strokes and ink wash. I am fascinated by the properties of ink and its reaction with the water and color on the rice paper. I enjoy the instantaneous results the movement of strokes delivers, as a direct expression of one’s feelings.

My paintings are categorized under the spontaneous flower-and-bird Chinese painting. It emphasizes using the bold and concise strokes to capture the essence of the objects. It is said that Chinese ink painting is meant to be felt rather than looked at and that it can only be truly appreciated on this level.

I begin my work by projecting the picture in my mind and feel the feeling it conveys. And then started painting with a one-breath continuous movement of brush strokes, mostly emotional driven. Then adjust the painting based on Chinese brush painting’s concept of composition. Although my main objects are flowers, but the inspiration are normally comes from the meaning those flowers represents, such as lotus represents pure. My purpose of painting is to capture of spirits those objects represents, rather than the material reality.



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